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Pilates for tennis and golfer's elbow

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Tennis and golfer's elbow are injuries to the back (knuckle side) and front (palm side) of the forearm. It can affect someone's ability to extend or flex through their arm. These conditions can develop as a result of overuse and can often be painful and stiff. It can take some time to recover, with some individuals taking up to 2 years to make a full recovery.

Your GP or physiotherapist will be able to prescribe a course of treatment. This article suggests how you can continue with Pilates with these conditions. Some traditional exercises that involve weight bearing on your wrist or elbow may be uncomfortable, so why not exercises in a supine (on your back) or prone (on your belly) position.

There are lots of exercises to try including:

- one leg circles

- crunches

- scissor kicks

- back extensions (Pilates dart)

- side lying leg raises; and

- prone single leg lifts.

Our instructor has undertaken specialised training in Pilates for tennis and golfers elbow. Why not book a private consultation and lesson in the comfort of your own home to see how Pilates can support your recovery?

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